Terms and conditions

Use of email is inherently insecure. Confidential information, including account information, and personally identifiable information, should not be transmitted via email, or email attachment. In no event shall Advent Software, Inc. or any of its affiliates accept any responsibility for the loss, use or misuse of any information including confidential information, which is sent to Advent or its affiliates via email, or email attachment. Advent does not guarantee the accuracy of any email or email attachment, that an email will be received by Advent or that Advent will respond to any email. All confidential information and data submitted by Client to Advent must be submitted via FTP. By forwarding any and all information to Advent, Client agrees that any such information is submitted voluntarily and that Client has all rights necessary to submit such information. Client further warrants that information is submitted in compliance with such data privacy and export statutes as they may be subject to. To the extent obligated to do so under the agreement between Client and Advent, Advent shall treat applicable submitted information as “confidential”.